Features & Roadmap

Asssist is a relatively young Android application and is as such still maturing it’s feature set. Below are the current supported features as well as those which are on the roadmap.

  • Browse latest shots in the popular, everyone and debut lists
  • Enter your Dribbble ID and see the shots you’ve liked and those of the people you follow
  • View full screen shots
  • View latest shots of a particular user
  • View number of likes, views and comments
  • See the comments on shots
  • See any rebounds which a shot has
  • View the users profile on Dribbble.com
  • View the users twitter profile if they have one
  • Share a shot with any of your supporting installed apps (such as mail, messaging and twitter clients)


We have bundle of features that we’d love to get plumbed into our client… some are on their way, others need further advances to Dribbble’s API and others need some more daunting progress to be made… either way these are the things we’d love to see supported by Asssist.

  • Better caching… I think this always needs attention
  • Search (tags and dribbbles)
  • Logged in functions (such as submission, liking and commenting)
  • NEW: SPECTATOR FEATURES – With the great news that two new member statuses have now been opened up (Spectators and Prospect) we of courseĀ  want to add the features of these accounts too when they become available via the API
  • etc etc

5 Responses to Features & Roadmap

  1. gautch says:

    I like what your doing with this app. Matter fact, the only thing that bugs me about it is your app icon. So I whipped up an icon for yah. Use if you want, or not.



  2. todd says:

    Thanks for the comments Gautch.
    Your icon idea is nice, we especially like the metalic stand-type surround.

  3. kirk says:

    hey cool, just started googling “dribble apps for android” cuz there dont seem to be any.

  4. eydryan says:

    I’d really want it to just load up full screen previews of everything instead of those ugly low resolution thumbnails. And have a nice animation switch to the small view (default should be full view with swipe navigation, nothing else; then more details on click).

  5. eydryan says:

    or, alternatively you could keep this interface and just go to the fullscreen one when the device is in landscape mode.

    also, you should get some inspiration from this pretty well made app http://travvelingapp.com/

    i’d pay a couple of bucks for the features above and a 4×4 full res widget

    best app for dribble (webapp though) i’ve seen and used so far is hooppps.

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