Asssist 1.1.5 – What’s in it?

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Today we published the 1.1.5 version of Asssist onto the Android Market for Dribbble lovers everywhere. This latest release has a primary focus on UI but also introduces a couple of extra features.

The UI Updates

So first things first… we have a new app icon… and we’re really pleased with it.

The new Asssist Icon

The new Asssist Icon

The icon, as we hope you can see, is a mash up of the Android logo (or his head at least) and the Dribbble basketball.

We have also made most of the buttons in the app have more of a ‘buttony’ look. We hope this make the app more usable to new comers.

As well as this we have changed the way we scale and crop shots when displaying them. We had noticed that sometimes the borders we provided were leaving some extra whitespace around the images so we’ve tried to fix this too.

The Extra Features

There 2 real additional features in this release… each of which we hope will delight you!

First up is the option to add your Dribbble ID in the settings… this then enables 2 extra options in the “View” menu which let you see shots that you’ve liked and also those of the people that you are following.

The second additional feature is the usage of the hardware volume buttons to navigate the shot gallery. This should make one hand use on larger devices such as the HTC Desire HD much easier.

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