Asssist – Fullscreen and Speed Improvements

Posted on by todd

A new version of Asssist was launched last evening with the focus on bring a richer and improved experience to the users.

Although we’ve marked this up as a minor update the resulting experience for the users should be much improved. Firstly the speed of the application has been improved by locally caching the shot lists from Dribbble. This is ideal for users who skip between the different Dribbble lists such as popular and debuts. This also benefits those who view the shots by a particular Dribbble user. This change also has the knock on affect of also reducing data downloads… something else we’re sure you’ll be pleased with.

The only real core feature added in this release is the ability to view shots at nigh-on full screen simply by tapping the shot in question (which is actually Dribbble’s teaser of the shot. This is a great way to see an optimal view of the design on your Android device. We’ve implemented this in a “two stage” fashion giving the end user a fast view which then updates once the full version of the image has been downloaded (we’re particularly chuffed with this).

The 1.1.1 version of Asssist can be downloaded from the Android Market or use the QR code on the Asssist download page.

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